February 02, 2010

hildegard illuminations; reinterpretations

hildegard von bingen, german abbess from the 12th century, had wild visions. after receiving approval from the pope, she had a scribe write down her visions as she dictated. illuminations were made some 60 years later in the same monastery – tongue-tipped mountains, multicolored beasts, magical flowers...

these are the first two in what will be a series of illustrations, reinterpretations of her visions based on the written text (hildegard's inscribed visions) as well as the illuminations themselves (the infamous reproductions of the 700+ year old illuminations, made sometime in the early 20th century, but both of which [i believe] were destroyed by the end of WWII)


part 2, vision 7 – worm in chains

the six days of creation

© 2010 calder singer

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