December 25, 2010

9 Years Later ––– Around Post Office (2/2)

A photoshoot from summer 2010. With a few exceptions, all photos taken on-site at Ground Zero, in NYC. An unusual exploration into memory, death, and beauty. Referencing the tragedies of 9.11.01 became a way for me to channel my own inner-pain.

Please download & listen to an original track titled "Finished" when viewing the images.

Photographs taken by Ronny Horner, Calder Singer & Claire Lachow. Models Calder Singer, Sarah Ritchards & Linus Ignatius. Costume, Jewelry & Makeup by Calder Singer. Special thanks to my family.

first, gather energy

second, release energy

last, express the terrible explosion

silent prayer III

silent prayer IV

© 2010 Calder Kusmierski Singer

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