December 25, 2010

9 Years Later ––– Covered Bridge (1/2)

A photoshoot from summer 2010. With a few exceptions, all photos taken on-site at Ground Zero, in NYC. An unusual exploration into memory, death, and beauty. Referencing the tragedies of 9.11.01 became a way for me to channel my own inner-pain.

Please download & listen to an original track titled "Finished" when viewing the images.

Photographs taken by Ronny Horner, Calder Singer & Claire Lachow. Models Calder Singer, Sarah Ritchards & Linus Ignatius. Costume, Jewelry & Makeup by Calder Singer. Special thanks to my family.

remembering the air blown back

from which death is sent

doll arms lord over jet

sky lady empathizes

imagining death frees me

© 2010 Calder Kusmierski Singer

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