February 06, 2011

Keenan Piano Performance Piece

video edited from mix of live & studio performance taken in oberlin ohio:


recent shout-out:



meteors, love

the world is gong to end
and i've still not found my love.
many turns have been wasted before;
lives cut short too soon,
possibilities erased.

a silly and beautiful star grows in the nights
and now, too, in the days.
will it just burn up as i burn inside?
or will it be simpler, plainer,
its body quelled (as mine is) in the day's new sun?

the sun has set again
but the sky glows a dim red.
all i think of is love.
i open the cupboard
and sudden
i sense its ripened, swollen presence;
as if it were in the can of preserved litchi fruit, seated right before my eyes;
somewhere past the perfect printed green valley, beneath the even inked azure sky,
waiting to burst in a burst that will outdo any world's end.


after innumerable millennia,
the meteor drives deep into the earth's body
and is at home.

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